Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Tour.............001

First stop. Henry's desk drawer. Hmmm. Lets see. A snake bite kit? WTF? Heres a small snapshot of Henrys room when he was in art school. I remeber some of those pieces on the wall. Snot rags. Oh, he says eye glass cleaners. There are an awful lot of knives in this drawer. And the loneliest condom package in the world. Nice. And "my" proportion scale. Hey. A Hoyt Wilhelm baseball card. One of the great knuckelballers. Can I have this? (He says no.) -Steve

Monday, October 30, 2006


Ann Gale. What can I say that can compliment her. Its like no other work I know. "I consider myself a formalist. Very concerned about the medium itself. And not just representational but more the abstract issues. I think of them a lot. The more psychological things that come through my work have a lot to do with the formal decisions. Things that a colorist would decide. Or a minimalist...." That from Ann herself. -Hoff