Friday, March 31, 2006

Studio 101......#001

And now its that time of the show were we share studio tips that really work. As opposed to the studio that don't work. Lighting. For those of you who have a custom made studio built by your doctor/lawyer/indian chief husband and have northern sky light to work from, you can skip this little portion of the show. As struggling artists, we resent your money and time and nice cloths and vacations to Italy, where I will never get to go ... and have an espresso machine worth more than my '92 Camry and having subscriptions to nice art magazines so you dont have to "borrow" them from the local library where they never get read anyway. Lighting. One word. Solux. I have a track lighting system that focuses six Solux lights onto my easel. (See third photo) The track lighting can be purchased at Home Depot for about $50 as I recall. This is for three lamp units. More can be added. Solux lamps are MR16 bulbs, so make sure you get this type of set up. The bulbs you want to get are 50 watt, 36 degree 4700 Kelvin. This is the closest to daylight short of having a doctor husband who can build you a studio with northern sky lights. (Bitter, isnt he. -Steve) The first and second photos show Solux task lamps used on my palet. You need two to cover the surface if you paint off of a palet like this. I bought mine at Dick Blick. Do yourself a favor and get some good lighting. Besides, we work when the sun is not shining, so it does'nt matter if we have northern light.-Henry


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Bitter. Nice info, though.

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