Monday, March 27, 2006

Henrys Book Club #001

Being the reader of the studio, I have been chosen to do the book reviews. The main criteria for a book for me are images and images alone. I am and am not interested in text. Unfortunitly some of the best art books in terms of image quality and quantity are written by university types who, to be quite frank, are idiots at best. Not all, but many. (My favorite example of a university type book is Menzel's Realism by Michael Fried. Is this guy retarded? Really. I am not kidding. His thesis is beyond stupid. But the images make owning the book worth it.) Well, on that note, my book recomendation for this week/month is The Art of William Nicholson, catalogue from a show at the Royal Academy. If you are a painter who enjoys looking at the virtuosity of a direct painter (as in Soroyolla or Zorn), you will love Nicholson. The reproductions are very nice, though you will end up wanting more. There are a few more book about this guy that I look forward to getting, but for now this is the one. I give it five loaded paint brushes. -Henry


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great choice. This is a very good book. BTW, this is a great blog! Keep it up.

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